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What are the functions of polycarbonate sheets in various fields?

2016-11-07 17:48:45 Zhejiang Eugene New Materials Co., Read

PC bottle (container) is transparent, light weight, good impact resistance, resistance to certain high temperature and corrosion solution washing, as a recyclable bottle (container). PC and PC alloy can do computer rack, shell and auxiliary, printer parts, then the polycarbonate plate in various fields, respectively, what role?

The development of application and development of polycarbonate is to the high compound, high function, specialization, serialization direction, has launched a CD, automotive, office equipment, cabinet, packaging, medicine, lighting, film and other products for their respective grade Brand.

Building materials industry

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  Polycarbonate sheet has good light transmission, impact resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and its dimensional stability and good processing performance, making it than the traditional architectural use of inorganic glass has obvious technical performance advantages.

Automotive Manufacturing

Polycarbonate has good impact resistance, thermal distortion performance, and good weather resistance, high hardness, it is suitable for the production of cars and light trucks of various components, which are mainly concentrated in the lighting system, instrument panel, heating plate, except Frost and polycarbonate alloy bumper.

medical instruments

  Since polycarbonate products can withstand steam, cleaning agents, heating and high-dose radiation sterilization, and does not occur yellowing and decreased physical properties, which are widely used in artificial kidney hemodialysis equipment and other needs in a transparent, intuitive operating conditions and Need to repeatedly disinfection of medical equipment.


  With the rapid development of aviation and spaceflight technology, the requirements of various components in aircraft and spacecraft have been increasing, so the application of PC in this field is also increasing day by day. According to statistics, only one Boeing-type aircraft used on the polycarbonate parts of 2500, single-use polycarbonate about 2 tons. .

  Packaging areas

  New growth points in the packaging field are reusable and useable in various types of storage bottles. As the polycarbonate products with light weight, impact resistance and transparency, with hot water and corrosive solution washing treatment without distortion and maintain the advantages of transparency, some areas of PC bottles have been completely replace the glass bottles.

Electronic and Electrical Appliances

  As the polycarbonate in a wide temperature and humidity range has good and constant electrical insulation, is an excellent insulating material. At the same time, its good flame resistance and dimensional stability, so that the electrical and electronic industry has formed a broad application areas.

  Optical lens

  Optical lenses made of optical grade polycarbonate can be used not only for cameras, microscopes, telescopes and optical test instruments, but also for use in cinema projector lenses, copier lenses, infrared auto-focus projectors, laser beam printers lenses, and Prism, multi-faceted mirror, and many other office equipment and home appliances, the application market is extremely broad.