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Graphene electronic paper - the world's best electronic paper performance

2016-11-07 17:36:32 Zhejiang Eugene New Materials Co., Read

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It is reported that on April 27, the world's first graphene electronic paper came out in Guangzhou! Graphene electronic paper successfully developed, the performance of electronic paper to a new height, but also for the industrialization of graphene to create a new space.

Characteristics of graphene electronic paper

Compared with the traditional electronic paper, graphene electronic paper has stronger bending strength and higher strength, which further broadens the application of electronic paper display. It is very suitable for the field of ultra-flexible display, such as wearable electronic equipment and Internet of things. Compared with ITO film, the use of graphene can not only reduce product costs, and graphite materials inexhaustible. In addition, because of the high transmittance of the graphene material, the brightness of the electronic paper will be improved.

Application of graphene electronic paper

(Such as e-books), mobile phones, wearable electronic devices (watches, bracelets, etc.), supermarket electronic price tags, smart cards, industrial instrumentation (such as electronic books), electronic textbooks, And other fields have been applied, the market capacity is rapidly expanding. The successful application of graphene electronic paper, so that our country in the graphene material industrial applications has taken a step forward, marking the application of graphene has been walking in the forefront of the world.

Research and development background of graphene electronic paper

It is reported that the Austrian wing electronics and ink in Chongqing in August 2015 signed a cooperation agreement, the Austrian wing of the electronics used in Chongqing ink Mexican graphene material development graphene electronic paper. During the last year's development, the two parties have developed a series of graphene films that can replace the ITO film, as well as the corresponding electronic ink formulation and coating process, after several parameters, recipes and process adjustments, so that the electronic ink can be coated And graphene electronic paper was formed on the graphene film. 

Introduction of graphene

Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal, single graphene is only one carbon atom thickness, that is 0.335 nm, equivalent to a hair 200,000th of the thickness. Graphene is known as the thinnest and the most rigid of a material, almost completely transparent, and has a very high surface area, superior conductivity and flexibility and so on. Although graphene in the world are in the application of research, but at present worldwide graphene has not yet large-scale industrial applications.